Vendor Support: Dropship Setup

Vendor Support: Dropship Setup

July 9, 2024/OAF Support

Ready to add your artwork products to the Dropship Network?

Setup is easy…

  1. Navigate to the product you’d like to add, and click the Edit icon.
  2. Under the Dropship Network section, check the box that says “Check here to offer this product to the OAF Drop-Ship Network”
  3. Complete the new fields.
    1. Dropship Price: The (usually discounted) price for Dropship Network partners to purchase this product.
    2. Lead Time: How many days do need to ship this item? Be conservative in your estimate here.  It’s always better to ship earlier than expected, rather than risk upsetting a customer with a late shipment.
    3. Agreement to the Dropship Terms: This agreement is required on each product you offer to the Dropship Network.
  4. Save the product.

That’s it!  You just made your product available to dropship buyers, galleries, boutiques, marketplaces and partner sites!


Here’s a few tips to help you succeed:

Setting Prices: OAF recommends giving a 15-50% discount to Dropship Network partners.  However, we also understand that not all artwork has room for price negotiations.  You are not required to offer any discount to offer a product to the Network.  Partners will see both the price that you are offering it to them, and your recommended retail price to retail customers, and are usually drawn to products with the largest discounts, because they have more room for profits.

Price Updates:  Once you set a dropship price, it’s locked in.  Our partners need time to update their systems if prices are changing, so any price changes will not take effect for 30 days after they are submitted.

Partner Sites: OAF works with a variety of partner sites and large internet retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Wayfair, among others. Products enrolled in the Dropship Network program may appear across these sites and in ads for these sites.

Returns & Refunds: In most cases, our Dropship Network partners are allowed to return products without reason, at their own expense.  Customers are encouraged to insure their returns in case of damage in return transit. Refunds will be issued, based on policies listed in the Dropship Vendor Terms. Refunds my be disputed using this form.

Commission: OAF commission rates are the same regardless of whether a sale is to a retail customer or a partner in our Dropship Network.  You will always be charged the same flat percentage.

Why is it called the Dropship Network?

Art isn’t traditionally sold in bulk, and most Artists aren’t going to fit neatly into the traditional wholesale model.  We’ve created a new hybrid wholesaling model for Artists, and it functions very similar to a traditional Drop-ship model.  Here’s how it works:

  1. An Artist has an item which can be reproduced to some degree of consistency, so they list that item on the Dropship Network.
  2. As soon as the item’s information has been updated, it will be made available to Network partners.
  3. Partners build personalized catalogs, made up of only products in the Dropship Network. Some may market all available listings.  Others may work in a unique niche of products or browse as-needed.
  4. Partners may market your art and place an order after they make a sale, or they might order to stock a gallery or storefront.
  5. Partner orders will roll in just like a standard order.

Easy, right?

Dropship Network Partners

We’ve gathered a wide-variety of partners – here’s some of the kinds of business on the partner list:

  • Independent galleries
  • Boutique stores
  • eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Major internet retailers
  • Partner websites

All Dropship Network partners are prescreened to be sure they are equipped for our wholesale model, and they fully understand that they are working with a group of independent Artists – not a traditional wholesale broker.

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